Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Favorite Things...

Last night I watched Oprah's Favorite Things on my DVR and then this morning I came across a favorite things party at 320 Sycamore! I am happy to join the party!!

My top ten..

My number 1 is Taylor, my loving and adorable husband!

Next, my family... my beautiful mom & sister and my step dad and brother!

Ace is our first baby... he is a Maltese. In this picture, he is about 8 weeks old. So CUTE!!

Here is Ace now, a 6 pound baby!

My worst addiction is Dr. Pepper! I know, it makes my teeth nasty... but it is my daily do!

Always has been and probably always will be!

Almay Dial up Mascara is l.o.v.e.l.y. You are able to choose how thick you want to lay it on and that is freedom at it's finest! :)

Oh how I love Wednesday nights on ABC... The Middle and Modern Family are my absolute most favorite things!

Mi Cocina Mexican Restaurant is my most favorite date night place.

The crispy tacos are the BEST!

I am news addict! During the summer, I watch the morning, noon, evening (both) and the nightly news everyday. I watch WFAA in DFW and my days would not be complete without this!

I love my job! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it... Not many people can say that! I love my bosses, my coworkers and my students! I teach 3rd grade and could not be more happy!

And Last... but certainly not the least! Our house! This has been such a fun and exciting for Taylor and me! We have been able to do so many things to this house and share so many wonderful moments with our friends and family!


  1. Love your list! I'm a fourth grade teacher and it occurred to me that I need to be more positive about my job like you. Some days are harder than others ... but I guess that's what makes it exciting. Right?

  2. I was a 5th grade teacher before I had my babies! Yay for teachers, for Texas women, for Maltese (my parents have one), for funny tv shows, and homes. You have a lovely blog here, thank you for joining the party!