Thursday, November 21, 2013

Luke's New Room

I finally have had some time to snap a few pictures of our new house.  Today, I am only going to share Luke's room.  It is by far, the only room blog-worthy as of today!  We used all of the same furniture from our old house, but we were able to arrange it differently in Luke's new room.  

The walls have not been painted, but we are planning a dark beige color.
I do not really plan on doing too much to this empty wall because it is sooner rather than later that Luke will be in a big boy bed.  I will be patient and wait to decorate this wall until then!

This dresser was a garage sale find for $15.  We painted it and added on blue knobs.  In our old house, this was in Luke's closet.  His new room is bigger so were able to add some character and leave it out!  This is one of my favorite pieces in our house.  

Luke's windows are in the front of the house so he gets fancy shutters while we have mini blinds, ha ha!
The art and changing table are also from the old house.  We were able to add the rocking horse for Luke, and he has a great time riding before bed.  The rug... oh the greatest deal on a rug.... Gotta love Garden Ridge.  I saw the rug on pinterest and clicked on the pin, and it took me to Garden Ridge.  Luckily they do not have online shopping.  So, my mom and I went in to the store and we found the rugs.  The original price was $49.99 (great deal) but this little rug has a small tear at the seam, so I asked if we could get a little more off and VIOLA!  $25, just like that!  It is not the best quality rug, but is just for looks!  

I hope soon I can share more rooms from the new house, but for now-- this is it!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had the greatest time in our new neighborhood!  Halloween is BEYOND exciting in our neighborhood.  Taylor and I were so amazed at the amount of trick-or-treaters and the decorations at the houses.  It was awesome...  Luke's first ever trick-or-treat was from our neighbor.  He walked very slowly up to her, she was dressed up so it must have bugged him a bit.  After a little luring, he reached in and grabbed Mommy's favorite candy--- reese's peanut butter cup!  

After traveling slowly down our street we made it to T-H-E house.  I mean, seriously, can't even believe how it was decorated.  It was a full fledged Pirates of the Caribbean theme with a huge 20 foot ship in the yard and a big screen showing the movie.  The entire family was there handing out candy, in character all night long.  There house was so crowded each time we passed by.  It was so cool!


Luke was one cute pirate, he even had his very own Jolly Roger.  We spent a couple of weeks working on the wagon and it turned our so cute!  Luke's favorite part was the flag.  Although he hardly rode in it and sometimes the wheels were a tad wobbly-- it was pretty darn cute!

Needless to say, we are anxious for next year's Halloween.  
We are going to have to step up our decorating game just a little.  
We are so happy to be in our neighborhood because all of the wonderful memories Luke will get growing up here!  

Happy Halloween!!