Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween has come and gone...

However, I have a couple of more Halloween things to share! This weekend my hubby and I did not get to see the cute lil trick or treaters on Sunday night because we were at the WORLD SERIES!!!! (GO RANGERS!) I was a bit bummed out, because as a new homeowner I was looking forward to my very first night of trick or treating! I guess there is always next year & now that I have seen everyone's amazing Halloween decor and DIY ideas-- I will be able to step it up some more! Our first event this weekend was a Halloween party with my co-workers. We were asked to bring a scary appetizer and an adult beverage. I brought along these adorable "mummies" and some "vampire blood"!

The "mummies" were pretzel rods dipped and drizzled with white chocolate! They were delicious and so cute! The "vampire blood" was just some cheap red wine at Target! Here are some pictures of the adorable mummies!

Remember I said we were at the World Series on Sunday.... and I felt guilty not passing out candy! So, I left a huge bowl full on the driveway that was totally wiped out when we got home! Ace, our baby maltese, was home and he is a bit of a nervous freak and if he could hear or see anyone outside he would probably have a heart attack! We decided to cover the entryway with spider webs-- to detour everyone away from the door!

So while we were here.....

Our house was looking like this...

Cutest Pumpkin pup ever!

Now, Let's get ready for Thanksgiving y'all!

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