Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Decorating Day 1

I am so excited to be decorating my new house for Christmas! I have been looking at so many wonderful blogs in search for inspiration.... but I do not have time or the money to do all the fabulous things I have been seeing! I am a school teacher and I work up to the 20th of December and Taylor has starting studying for finals officially today! Taylor is a law student and I like to call myself a law school widow in November and December!

Anyways, last night Taylor climbed up into the attic and pulled out my one box of Christmas stuff! (YIPPIE) I decorated the window/ buffet in our dining room with all of my old "apartment" stuff! Here is what we have so far!

I cannot wait to get the tree up and the rest of my decor! But, I will do that Thanksgiving weekend! Check back soon! I am making some DIY gifts that your friends will love! I will be baking, sharing the recipes and so so so much more! Christmas season is here!!!!!

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  1. Love all your Christmas stuff. You are very creative. Can't wait to see the tree!!!!