Sunday, June 30, 2013

One Room, Three Ways

Hello...  Dear Lillie is having a link party on 1 room, 3 ways!  I love this idea---  several of the rooms in our house have changed over time.  Honestly, they have probably changed more than 3 times.  Here are some before and after pictures of a couple of rooms in our home!  ENJOY!

Let's start with Luke's Bathroom, which was a guest bath at first!


The bathroom went from very dark, and formal to light and FUN.

Onto our Middle bedroom.  
I do not have too many pictures of this room at the beginning because it was always a work in progress.  It started out as an office, but we never really used it.  Then it became the guest room when Luke arrived.  Finally, it became Luke's playroom--- by far the most use that room has had!

This was the color scheme of the "office".  It was so dark and plain.  We needed to brighten the room up and add some life to the space.  We began by painting the room a lighter color.

The bedding and accessories stuck to the same lighter color choice, but this room did not last long.  
After Luke's first Christmas, we were bursting at the seams in our house and needed a space just for his toys.  So, our guestroom no longer existed and my parents began sleeping on an air mattress.  : )

Finally, the room became this--

It has been such a nice place for us and Luke.  Thanks to pinterest and Ikea, it was an extremely cheap and easy makeover for this room!

As of this week, we will be moving!  
Please check back for updates on our new home and our DIY projects!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hello--- today is my first time to participate in the "What I'm Loving Wednesday" link up from This Kind of Love.  I have a lot of things I am loving this Wednesday, so here we go!

1. I am loving the weather lately.  It has been cool in the mornings and evenings and our walks with Luke have been very enjoyable!  Look at his curls, they are adorable if I do say so myself!


2. I am loving that we celebrated Father's Day by taking Luke to his first Ranger's game!

3. I am loving that Luke has completed his second week of swimming lessons.  I was way more nervous than I needed to be!  ( it is extremely hard to get pictures when you're by yourself with a toddler at a pool)

4. I am loving that this weekend we are having a HUGE couple's shower for Taylor's cousin Katy and all of my little "pin-spired" projects are turning out great!

So much LOVE this week!  I cannot wait to share pictures and all of the fun things from the shower.  Check back next week!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Luke is 15 months old

15 months... Seriously?!? It is crazy how quickly time goes by! Luke has turned into an adult overnight.  What a difference a few months makes.  I'm not such a nervous mommy anymore, and Luke is a little man!  He has been eating table food for a few months & that is life changing.  That is by far the most convenient thing so far... And whole milk.   Luke is an excellent eater, except cheese. The kid hates cheese. He will barely swallow Mac & cheese and a yummy grilled cheese is way out of the picture! He loves everything else.  His favorites lately are strawberries, blueberries, broccoli rice casserole and  smoked turkey. He eats 3 great meals each day with juice, water or milk. We are a snacking family, so we have plenty extras throughout the day. At Luke's checkup, he weighed 22.14 lbs, 50th percentile- 31.2 inches in height, also 50th percentile and his head measured at   47.3 cm-- also 50th percentile!  

The most amazing thing at this age in my opinion, is his vocabulary.  I love his language.

Bubby- puppy
Doos- juice
My- milk
My- mine
Ay- ace (our dog)
Sy- outside
Bebe- baby
Pees- please
Tan you- thank you
Bye bye
Be-ball- baseball 

And the successes of climbing... Make me so nervous.  Luke has been able to get up on the couch, up to the sofa table,  up on my bed, up on the patio table, in my bathtub, on his shelves in his playroom, up in the fridge and last but not least... From the couch to the coffee table! He's everywhere! 

Luke loves going on walks--- one each morning and one each night! 

I'm so happy to be home for a couple of months with my sweet boy! 

Helping mommy and daddy in the yard.

Shopping... Always shopping!

Spent the night in a hotel with mommy and yaya! 

Memorial Day BBQ with mommy!

Of course, cheering on the SA Spurs! 

Face timing with Aunt Jojo and her roommate, Chloe!

That just about sums up our 15th month with Luke! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our Life Lately in Pictures!

WeIl it's been a while since I have posted...and of course, a lot has gone on! So here is a picture update!!

My brother got married & Luke was the ring bearer! 
My sister graduated from the University of Texas!

We put our house on the market & four days later it sold! So... We're moving!!
More posts on that are to come, no doubt.
Summer has started! Luke and I are going to do so many fun things!!!

But, most recently-- my sister moved to DC! I know her apartment is going to be super cute so I'll share a tour soon!