Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Luke turns 3

It is so hard to even understand that our sweet baby boy is already 3 years old... seriously, where does the time go?  Luke's 3rd birthday celebration lasted 3 weeks!  Lucky for him, the winter weather did not cooperate with us and his party was postponed.  Luke and I made a trip to San Antonio to celebrate with some of my family the weekend before his birthday.  He had a special little party at my grandmother's house with my cousins and all of their kids.  

The next weekend was Luke's actual birthday and we were snowed in and had to postpone his party.  Luckily, he had no idea it was supposed to be the party.  We were able to celebrate at home with cupcakes and dinner!

It was also Taylor's birthday... they are just 3 days apart!

Finally, the big party weekend came and there was still some snow on the ground at the park, but the weather was nice!

Camp Luke 2015

Typically I go the bakery route for these crazy expensive cakes that are so cute and match the theme of the party.... well, this year I just ordered cupcakes from Target & they were so good, and inexpensive, too!

Cupcake toppers and waterbottle labels were purchased from GreenDotDesigns on Etsy!

Luke's 3 year stats:

31.4 lbs
37 3/4" tall

He is loving school and plays with EVERYTHING.... trains, Jake toys, tractors and books!