Sunday, October 30, 2011

23 weeks and a little organization

Taylor and I were extremely productive this weekend and got our kitchen
I do not have before pictures to you because it was bad, very bad. Needless to say, we spent some money and a lot of time tackling this project. It feels so much better. We are little by little making room for our little man and all of the things he will need.

We did some nesting this weekend and shopped for Luke! My grandma sent us a package of some goodies. I loved it all and it is in the washing machine as we speak. A closet full of clean clothes and blankets sound like a perfect plan. I know we still have plenty of time.... but I am planner!

Tomorrow is Halloween and we are having my friend Courtney over. My one project for that was this pumpkin cooler. I am sure you guys have seen it on Pinterest. Taylor cut off the top of a pumpkin and ripped out the guts. I lined it foil to keep their beer from
feeling slimy! Hopefully it stays cold for a couple of hours!!

This is my 23rd week... and here is a picture. Luke is active, very very active. Taylor was able to feel a little movement this week as well. I wish he could feel everything that I feel!
(not sure why my picture has such a shadow)

Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

22 weeks

I am falling behind on my weekly posts! Taylor and I have been so very very busy the past couple of weeks and are finally relaxing! Just to fill you in, this is now my 22nd week! I have officially gained 10 pounds as of last Friday! That is much better than my 5.5 pounds in a 3 week period!

My glucose test is coming up and I am a little nervous about that! If you have any advice or tips on that orange drink, please let me know!! I do not have a picture from last week or this week, but next week I will make up for it! I have definitely started to feel Little Luke moving around, that is such a cool feeling!

On another note... Have you guys seen Stove top potpourri on pinterest?? Well, I have pinned it on my DIY board and I made it yesterday! Our house smells a lot like the holidays and I love it! Here is the link to the blog with the recipe:

You've got to try it! I love it!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

20 Weeks and little Halloween Decor

The weather is beginning to feel more and more like fall... it's so enjoyable! Since I was in the "fall" mood, Taylor and I went to the local Farmer's market for some pumpkins! I have found so many cute Halloween ideas on Pinterest and decided to remake my own version of this...

Of course my version is just as gorgeous as this... yeah right! But, it is my style: simple! We took some plant urns that we have had for a few years and spray painted them black. We had to stuff the planters with newspaper to lift the pumpkins for a better view! Then Taylor cut holes into the bottom of the pumpkins so that they carefully stacked on top of each other!

And then we had these simple and cute little Halloween Decorations for our driveway!
Next week, I will have to share a better picture-- outside of my dirty garage!

Onto more important topics... Baby Luke is now 20 weeks along! He is the size of a banana; which is really for me to grasp because that is pretty big to be inside of my belly! He is about 10 inches from head to toe and is weighing about 6.5 ounces. I am not sure how much weight I have gained, but I did cave and buy some maternity pants for work. They are so comfy! I look so different in each outfit so it's funny but, my belly looks a lot smaller this week than it was looking last week!

Have a great week!

Monday, October 3, 2011

19 Week update

Today, I am actually 19 weeks and 6 days... after a visit to the doctor I learned that I was a little off on my calendar! I cannot believe that I am sharing this with the blog world, but I have officially gained weight! 5.5 pounds in 3 weeks to be exact. YIKES! Although, I was not a Skinny Minnie before-- I still feel like my body looks "regular" and my face is holding the weight! ha ha ha. Here is my 19 week picture!

If you follow me on Pinterest, you might notice all of the boy stuff I have added to my Baby A board. It is so much more fun knowing the gender and being able to specific when shopping and planning the nursery!

On a side note, I am getting the house decorated for Halloween... a little at a time! Here is a sneak peek at our mantle!

I love Halloween & will hopefully get around to adding on just a bit to the decor!