Thursday, July 10, 2014

Laundry Room update

I want to share more about the house.... although it is a slow, on-going project in our laundry room, that is what I am sharing today.  The bedrooms of our house are all upstairs, even the master.  Naturally, the laundry room is upstairs as well. At first, I found this to be so odd-- but quickly realized that is an absolute perk!  The sound was something to get used to!  We would be downstairs watching TV and wonder if there was a helicopter landing on our roof at times, but now that is all water under the bridge! 

At our first house, I loved making the laundry room a cute, girly space.  After a few years of searching laundry rooms on Pinterest, it became an obsession.  :)   Here is a picture of our first laundry room: 

The "in" thing was to have a fancy little chandelier...  So, we had one!  The storage in this room was questionable.  It was one built in shelf with a hanging rack under it.  I could not stand for all of my junk to be in clear view, so we covered it with a handmade curtain that was the length and width of the entire area.  

Then fast forward a few years... we moved into our new house.  The laundry room had a  tad of an upgrade, it included a cabinet and a hanging rack!  YAY!  The room is smaller than our old one, but it should be-- it is not an entry to our home.  

Here is a before of our new laundry room:

The room is functional, but it had the nastiest CARPET.

So, we ripped out the carpet and spent about $40 and laid some stick-on- tiles to spruce it up a bit!  

The stick-on cheap tile still looks better than the carpet!
This room is still a work in progress.  I am wanting to add a counter top and possibly more storage/ cabinets.  Hopefully that will be finished before another 11 months of living here rolls around.  
We can only hope!