Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Luke's Favorites

Here are some of Luke's (and mine too!) most favorite items so far!

1.  Baby Touch and Feel Books.  We love these.  I try my very best to read to Luke as often as possible, hopefully he enjoys it.  These books are great because on each page there is a touchable picture.
2. Infantino Play Mat. o.m.g. gotta love this!  We use this mat every single day.  It is great for tummy time and just playing and laying and visiting and talking.  It's great!
3. Fisher Price Swing and Seat.  This has been an absolute lifesaver for me and my back and my arms.  ha.  Luke loves to take cat-naps in this swing during the day.  It has vibration and music and the various speeds of a swing.  The best part-- it's size.  It is not a massive (take over your living room) item, it is perfect!
4.  Wubbanub Pacifier.  We would not have made it through month 2 without this pacifier.  It is perfect for Luke.  He loves to hold it and not even suck on the paci.  Great gift item for sure, I will be giving one of these as shower gifts from now until eternity!  
5.  Carter's Footed PJ's.  I love them, Luke loves them and they are so adorable!  You can't beat the price either.  We just stock up during Carter's sales.  

What were some of your must have baby items?   
I need to know for further on down the timeline.  
If Luke needs it, he will get it!  :)  

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