Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Luke's 4 Month Update and July the 4th

Little Luke Boy is already 4 months old... Where in the world has the time gone?
This has by far been the greatest month.  He is sitting in his bumbo seat, eating baby food, smiling at everything,  laughing out loud, sleeping like a champ(10-11 hours).  It is just great!

4 Month Stats:

26 3/4" tall
(we know this was wrong, but the Dr. never re-measured, so we will go with it.)
14.6 lbs
42" head circumference
Luke is eating bananas & peaches so far.  
We are doing peas next, followed by carrots. 
He starting rolling over some.
I can now hold Luke like a real baby, propped up on my hip and he loves it!
Luke also celebrated his First 4th of July today.

and some pictures...

he was finished with that little photo shoot  :)

Luke's July 4th outfit!

Our family

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