Monday, October 24, 2011

22 weeks

I am falling behind on my weekly posts! Taylor and I have been so very very busy the past couple of weeks and are finally relaxing! Just to fill you in, this is now my 22nd week! I have officially gained 10 pounds as of last Friday! That is much better than my 5.5 pounds in a 3 week period!

My glucose test is coming up and I am a little nervous about that! If you have any advice or tips on that orange drink, please let me know!! I do not have a picture from last week or this week, but next week I will make up for it! I have definitely started to feel Little Luke moving around, that is such a cool feeling!

On another note... Have you guys seen Stove top potpourri on pinterest?? Well, I have pinned it on my DIY board and I made it yesterday! Our house smells a lot like the holidays and I love it! Here is the link to the blog with the recipe:

You've got to try it! I love it!!

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