Sunday, September 4, 2011

Doily Table Runner

Wayyyyy back in July I did a simple project for a birthday gift.... My
friend Sarah posted this picture on her pinterest and I loved it so I was on a mission to A.) buy this table runner or B.) Make it myself if I could find enough doilies.

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Pretty cute, huh?? I sure thought so.
I headed out to one of my local/ favorite antique malls an
d in one of the booths was a huge basket of doilies. Each one for $1... a buck... a single... uno dollar! So, I stocked up and grabbed as many different patterns and sizes as I possibly could!

We laid out all of the doilies and tries to create a good pattern for a table runner. Here is the final product. We ( My Sewing helper, Kathy) hand stitched the doilies to each other on the corners. It was quite the fragile thing, so I tried my best to be gentle.

The picture is so dark, but trust me...
the table runner turned out to be one cute little project!

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  1. This is so fabulous -- I adore it! Your blog is precious, too! I'm a new follower and look forward to reading more of your crafty posts. :-) My blog "home" is Coffee & Cabernet if want to pop over sometime. I'm a busy mom but try my best to make a little time for crafting. I love finding blogs like yours for inspiration. Best!