Saturday, January 8, 2011

Crossing To-Do items off one at a time...

My last post was about our 2011 To-Do list. The list revolves around getting organized and getting our home into better shape! So, tonight I can cross one item off the list.

6. Cords---

By cords, that meant fixing up our cabinets under the entertainment center. This quickly became a catch all during the move. It was great to clean them out and get organized. I bought a couple of baskets and tubs to toss the junk in and we cleaned each shelf!

Here are some pictures of tonight's project.

Here is the final product, minus the messy floor in the picture! The main goal of the project was to get the cords in place and under control. Taylor did all of the work on this project--



Check back for some shelf building, pantry organizing, and much much more!!

1 comment:

  1. That looks great! Kudos for marking one off your list. :)

    That is one of the things that irks me too. I can't stand to see all the cords hanging down, plus it seems unsafe and like a fire hazard, right?