Sunday, December 5, 2010

Show Us Your Life....

Welcome to The Anderson's... Come on in!

Kelly's Corner is hosting another "Show Us Your Life party". This week is about entryways and foyers. I want to show you the Christmas entryway and the plain ol' day to day entryway. Now, remember I have not lived here very long and this is one section in my house I need a lot of help with. Taylor and I bought and returned 2 different rugs, because we just cant find one that we like!
Enough talk... here are some pictures of what I have so far!

Don't you just love that rusty white bucket... I got that for only $18 at an antique store and I swear it is my most favorite decor in the whole house! (It's the simple things) This table on the wall in the entryway and needs a LARGE mirror above it or some shelves. I am not sure what would be best! Any ideas??? The next area to the entryway is the hall that leads into the family room. I have to give Taylor credit for this wall. He hung the frames and made sure that they were perfectly lined up! He did a great job!!

Go over to Kelly's Corner and show your own entryway!