Monday, December 20, 2010

Handmade Gifts at the last minute...

I feel like I am the only person in the world who still has SO MUCH shopping and preparing to do! I still need to hit the mall and Target... I am crazy! Today, I visited Hobby Lobby so I could finish up 2 of my handmade gifts! For my brother-in-law and his girlfriend, I made a "Gift Card" Tree! For my mother, I added a little burlap and decor to a few candles!
Here is what I have been doing today...

I began with an aluminum tree from Hobby Lobby. ($4.99-- then Half off)

Then, I shopped for a lot of gift cards... Target, Starbucks and Chipotle!

I put it all together on the tree with some red/ gold ribbon & this is the perfect gift for a brother or sister in law!

My next project for the day was to tidy up some plain vanilla candles to give to my mom for Christmas! I cannot say what all she is getting from me because she reads my blog.... But I promise, you will want to check back for the reveal of that project!

I grabbed a few plain vanilla candles 50% off at Hobby Lobby...I added some burlap ribbon, with a touch of gold above it...Lastly, I poked some metal crosses through all of the ribbon...
The ribbons were all hot glued around the candles, the crosses were warmed up with a lighter like this... before I could poke them through!

AND here is the final product!

Now, wish me luck to get finished with my shopping tomorrow!

Merry Christmas :)


  1. Cute! I too, love handmade gift ideas. I recently posted a few myself, along with some printable gift wrapping tags.. come over and check them out. Merry Christmas!

  2. I found you through Bailey, who did your blog, she's doing my blog soon too. :) Love it, and your blog too.

    These gifts are great. Love handmade gifts, they are so special. The candles are gorgeous, and the gift card tree is a great idea! I may have to steal the idea for next year! ;)

    I'm your newest follower :) Merry Christmas!

  3. The gorgeous candles are on my mantle!!! I am Mom and the lucky recipient of these great candles!!! Thank you Love Mom