Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Getting Clean & Organized...

Our New Year's Resolutions got an early start....here is what I have been up to since Christmas!!

We have been giving a lot of these....

to a lot of these beautiful family members!

We have been eating a lot of these...

Cleaning up a lot of these large piles of junk...
My husband just recently discovered that he has a HUGE tie fetish.

Thank goodness we have been putting together a lot of these nice helpful cleaning & organizing tools...

So, to wrap up Christmas I wanted to share with you what our favorite gifts were to give as well as receive!

My favorites that I gave were:

1. TOMS Shoes to both Taylor and my Brother.

2. Handmade Decor for my Mother's house. (Read more here)
3. Jon Hart makeup bag for my Sister.

My favorites that we received were:

1. Michael Kors Watch

2. Electronic Tie & Belt Organizer

3. Shark Steam Mop

Now onto New Year's Eve and Day plans! I will be serving brunch for our family & friends! Check back for more on that!

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