Sunday, June 30, 2013

One Room, Three Ways

Hello...  Dear Lillie is having a link party on 1 room, 3 ways!  I love this idea---  several of the rooms in our house have changed over time.  Honestly, they have probably changed more than 3 times.  Here are some before and after pictures of a couple of rooms in our home!  ENJOY!

Let's start with Luke's Bathroom, which was a guest bath at first!


The bathroom went from very dark, and formal to light and FUN.

Onto our Middle bedroom.  
I do not have too many pictures of this room at the beginning because it was always a work in progress.  It started out as an office, but we never really used it.  Then it became the guest room when Luke arrived.  Finally, it became Luke's playroom--- by far the most use that room has had!

This was the color scheme of the "office".  It was so dark and plain.  We needed to brighten the room up and add some life to the space.  We began by painting the room a lighter color.

The bedding and accessories stuck to the same lighter color choice, but this room did not last long.  
After Luke's first Christmas, we were bursting at the seams in our house and needed a space just for his toys.  So, our guestroom no longer existed and my parents began sleeping on an air mattress.  : )

Finally, the room became this--

It has been such a nice place for us and Luke.  Thanks to pinterest and Ikea, it was an extremely cheap and easy makeover for this room!

As of this week, we will be moving!  
Please check back for updates on our new home and our DIY projects!!

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