Friday, December 7, 2012

9 Months & Christmas Decor

Well, Luke is finally 9 months old.... these 9 months have gone by so much faster than the other 9.  Luke is ever changing these days!  It is amazing to see the differences from week to week now.  One day he was a scooter and now he is already standing.  We visited our pediatrician this week and got some stats on our little man.

weight: 19.13oz
height: 27.75"
head circ.: 44cm

She gave us the go ahead on introducing Luke to table foods, and new textures.  Taylor is way more thrilled about that than I am.  Luke is an excellent eater.  He is now eating the Stage 2 foods and loving all of the mixtures.  His (my) favorite is Pears, Bananas and Apples.  It is the perfect consistency and it tastes yummy! He is still a champion sleeper, we are so grateful.  Occasionally he will wake once or twice in the night but will get right back to sleep after a 3 or 4 ounce bottle.  

I am having the time of my life planning his 1st birthday party.  See my board on pinterest here.

Here are a few pics for month 9
Luke is finally out of his infant carrier... I could not lug that thing around anymore.
Here he is, on his 9 month birthday!

We have also started putting up some Christmas Decorations.  I definitely do not have the time that I used to have, so it is more plain this year than in years past. 


Please disregard the messy room...  We do live!

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