Sunday, December 30, 2012

10 Month old Luke

Can you even believe that Luke is already 10 months old... I mean, seriously!  Where does the time go?!?

10 Month Stats:
weight: more than 19.12, but I am not exactly sure
height: 27 inches
eating: EVERYTHING, not really but he sure is eating a whole lot.  We are loving all of the Gerber snacks.  The yogurt melts and cheetoh looking chips are by far his favorites.  He just lights up when we pull some out of the bag for him.  We have tried table food here and there but as of today, he is not a huge fan.  The newest baby food Luke has tried is the Turkey & Sweet Potatoes.  
talking:  definitely saying ma-ma and ba-ba.
playing/doing: speed crawling, knee walking, furniture walking, standing, closing doors, riding on toys, crawling through toys and being so stinkin' cute.
teeth: one new tooth has arrived, so we are up to 7 teeth as of today. 7 teeth, can you believe it?!?  

And as usual, here is the Luke picture overload, enjoy!

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