Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 36 and lots of happenings...

(My pictures always have a shadow... oh well!)

This begins week 36! EXCITING! I am ready for my first "weekly" appointment to find out what all is going on with Mr. Luke. My appointment is not until Thursday, so I will have to be patient. Keeping our fingers crossed for lots and lots of positive news.

In the meantime, Taylor and I have been getting very prepared for Luke's arrival. We have done a lot in the nursery as far as cleaning, washing clothes, decorating, putting bedding in and all of that fun stuff. We added "shelving" over the changing table today! I found this nursery on pinterest and it was my inspiration for the shelves! I think they turned out pretty stinking cute... and are holding some of our items perfectly!

We also spent this weekend gathering all for the things for my hospital bag. That was fun to shop for... I love buying toiletries and socks and girly stuff like that! I looked online for a lot of guidance as to what I might really NEED. This website and list seemed to be the most helpful!

Last week and weekend I had 2 showers. One was at my school and the other was with all of my Mother in Law's peeps.... and a few of my greatest friends! The showers were so wonderful and I loved them both. The decor was too cute and it was just an all around great time! I was given so many wonderful gifts and useful items. My favorite items have been all of the clothes (just wait until you see our son's closet... imagine if I was having a girl) and lullaby CD's. My sister gave us the coolest CD's!

Lastly, I have to share this gift with you... On pinterest, I found this blanket long before we knew if Luke was a boy or a girl. Our sweet friend Kathy made it for us in a version fit for Luke! It is soooo adorable and she even made a few burp cloths to go with it! Thank you Kathy, we love the blanket! Here is the link to the original pin on my pinterest... Baby Blanket! Sorry for such cruddy pictures, I took them on my phone-- enjoy!

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