Sunday, January 1, 2012

Week 33 and a New Year!

Happy 2012 to you all! Taylor and I are both looking forward to a great new year... lots of changes are headed our way! This weekend marks the beginning of week 33 for me and Mr. Luke--- not too much longer to go-- and also our New Year's Eve party. Thanks to pinterest, the party turned out great! Here is a picture recap!

Week 33 with Luke... things are going great! We are just trucking right along! I am looking forward to my first shower this next weekend. That should be fun!

Our New Year's Eve dessert... Strawberry Shortcake on a stick. Thanks to pinterest, these were a hit! They were such an easy thing to get together for our guests too!
Here is the link to them on my pinterest board, enjoy!

We also served these SUPER DELICIOUS Seven Layer Dips in a cup. These can also be seen on my pinterest board. These were simple to make and even better to clean up! Next time I plan on using a piping bag (or just a ziploc baggy) to make the layers more perfect and distinct.. But all in all, these were great for the party!

My Sister and I both were given "Babycakes" Cake pop makers for Christmas and we used them this weekend for the first time. They are AWESOME! We learned a few tricks to make them cake pops turn out just right. They were yummy and we made way too many, so we ate way too many :).

The finishing touch to the party was our decor as found on The TomKat Studio website. These printables were great and cost zero dollars, except to print them at Fed Ex because I am out of ink at home!! Here is a link to my Party board on pinterest, the printables are there too!

HAPPY 2012!!!


  1. Love it! You are really the Hostess with the Mostest!!

  2. Are you already planning the next party

  3. We pin a lot of the same stuff on pinterest ! Love your blog! Just stumbled across it and am excited to follow you!

    xo. A Southern Bee Diary