Thursday, August 12, 2010

Burlap Monogram Frame

I found some left over fabric in my guest closet and wanted to create an entryway
decor for my Mom....

So I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a frame 50% off ( love that sale!).

I used the cardboard from inside of the frame and began by covering it with the blue damask fabric and hot glue!

Next, I cut a smaller piece of burlap, about 6x8. I painted the "H" on the burlap with bright white paint. Then I used hot glue to stick the burlap on top pf the damask fabric. I just printed a letter "H" from the computer, size 550 - font Harrington and cut it to use as a stencil!

VIOLA... Here is the final product! Total Cost $8.66


  1. That looks wonderful! Very imaginative and so pretty! I think I will do that!
    Hugs, Cindy S

  2. Hi! You're really a newbie blogger :). Thank you for linking with Fabric Fun Thursday. This is really a cute project. I like that you combined the more formal fabric with the rustic burlap. Good job.

  3. LOOKS SO GOOD! Thanks for sharing your project at Anything Related! ~Bridgette

  4. Oh this is nice, I really like it=)) Thanks for sharing! Newest follower=)

  5. Great job. Looks very nice. Thanks for sharing.