Sunday, October 27, 2013

One Great Weekend

We enjoyed one GREAT weekend... just the 3 of us! Beginning last Thursday, one of us was sick with a tummy bug for 8 days straight.  So, we were beyond ready for a "regular" day around here.  Saturday, we woke up-- ate breakfast-- and did a little shopping.  That's pretty regular for us.  We took Luke to Rally House to get him some Texas Tech gear because he has outgrown all of his infant Tech clothes.  He had a grand ol' time.  He got a new hat, sweatshirt, football, tshirt and a baseball set, of course!  Daddy was able to get himself a couple of things as well.  Everyone enjoyed their time!  

Luke finally learned how to say "Wreck "Em!" and "Go Tech!"  It is beyond cute... he was sporting his red raider gear the entire weekend, along with the rest of the family.  Although we lost, we were still super proud of our team and we wanted everyone to know it!  Taylor even added a flag to our front porch, so now the whole neighborhood knows it.  ha ha!

We had an exciting weekend... besides Texas Tech Football.  We took Luke to Trinity Park in Forth Worth and rode the miniature train.  He absolutely loved the choo-choo.  He just lit up and grinned from ear to ear each time the conductor choo-choo'ed.  It was well worth the wait and super long ride for that.  

We also spent our weekend preparing for Halloween.  Our new neighborhood is the "go-to" place for trick or treating.  We have been told to expect to hand out at least 1,000 pieces of candy (giving each trick or treater 1 single piece).  WOW!  We are really excited, last year Luke was itty bitty and we did not do too much.  This year, well--- that is a different story!  Luke is going to dress up as a pirate.  While Taylor and I have been working for about 2 weeks on his pirate ship, made out of his wagon.  It has been a great memory and we are very excited for Halloween this year.  I will, of course, share pictures after our night of fun!

I hope you all have a great week & Happy Halloween!!

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