Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week 29 and Christmas Decor

Taylor and I have been so very busy... last weekend we started painting Luke's nursery and we are still working on it. SLOWLY.

Then, we finally tackled our Christmas decorating this past weekend... It was fun and we knocked it out in a super speedy fashion! Got the mantle done, the tree done, the entertainment center done and the kitchen all done in one night. Onto baby updates... I have been bad about taking a picture each week, so I made myself get one in this week in front of the tree so we can always this Christmas!

So here are all of the pictures...

My cake plate

Our mantle, without the stockings... they'll come soon

Our tree

Our festive Kitchen

Our dining room chandelier
Here we (me and Luke) are at 29 weeks!


  1. Thanks for adding your blog to my Creative Blog Roll! And congrats on the upcoming birth of your son. :) xoxo

  2. You are such a cute little pregnant lady! I miss being pregnant sometimes, but my pregnancies were so un-normal. I actually had my girls at what you are now, 29 weeks! Pretty Christmas decorations...have fun on that nursery! One of my favorite things of having a baby is planning the nursery!