Sunday, November 6, 2011

24 Weeks

Halloween came and went... here are a few pictures from our little gathering at home with my friend Courtney. I loved having trick or treaters. This was our first year to be able to pass out candy. We had a great time!

This week, we are 24 weeks along! Mr. Luke is active, but I can tell when he is asleep (at least I think so). I am growing rapidly these days. All of a sudden my belly popped! I am now wearing maternity jeans and have been for a couple of weeks. I did buy some tops this week, they are much better! All of my other tops were becoming too short!

This week was also the first time I was asked about being pregnant in public... It was from the man doing my pedicure, a little odd, but he asked my due date! So funny to me that it was a man because I always thought it would be some cute mom in Target with advice for me. ha ha!!

So here it is... the bump at 24 weeks!

p.s. This weekend I baked one recipe from pinterest. I am sure you have seen them... smores crescent rolls! They were delicious! I highly recommend you try them out asap!!

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