Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baby Anderson Update

Today, we are 14 weeks pregnant! I love the apps that I have downloaded to my iphone.... they keep me up to date on everything! This week was also my first week back to school & I have been pooped every night. Luckily, that will all get better.

14 weeks:
The baby is the size of a peach... today at the grocery store we took a picture (not a good one, just a phone pic) and sent it to our family just let them know what's going on!

We went to Barnes & Noble to pick a few baby books--- we need to get reading! Our favorite part was this Gender Calendar. You look at your age and the month the baby conceived to find out the gender. OUR'S SAYS IT'S A GIRL!

I am sure there are tons of tricks to figure out the gender...
We will try some more and keep track!

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  1. How fun!! =)

    Hope you start to re-gain some energy!