Monday, May 2, 2011

Wall of empty frames...

This project began back in January when I hung my first 3 frames. This is a little wall in the dining room & that was only the beginning!

Little by little, I found frames here and there all under $7.00. My latest 2 stops were Dollar Tree and Goodwill. Goodwill was the biggest bang for my buck where I was able to grab 2 11x14 frames-- one for $4 and one for $1.55. That was a steal. The goodwill frames did come with some super hideous pictures that I threw out right away. Dollar Tree was a good place to get some frames for a buck a piece! They are not wood ( like most of the frames) they are plastic. I only picked up 5 or 6 at Dollar Tree. I had to have a variety of sizes and textures.

The frames were all different colors-- so I used a little spray paint to give the creamy color I wanted! Thanks to my hubby who is busy busy busy studying for his last semester of law school finals for hanging these babies!!!

Finally, my frame wall came to life just like that!!


  1. LOVE IT! It looks so fresh with the creamy paint. And if you get tired of the empty space think how much fun you will have finding beautiful things to frame up! jules

  2. the colors you chose really bring it together. i really like it. i tried it before with one color. i like ur idea better.

  3. That's a great use of space and it adds a little texture to the room as well.